Second Grade Student Information Sheet

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Child's First Name Child's Last Name Date of Birth  
Home Address Home Phone

Mother's Name Mother's Occupation
Mother's Cell Phone Mother's Work Phone
Father's Name Father's Occupation
Father's Cell Phone Father's Work Phone
What special gifts do you or your spouse have that we may call upon?
What is your child's dismissal procedure?
Car Line
After School Care
Special dismissal instructions.

Parent Involvment

Please check any ways in which you would like to be involved with our class this year.

Room Mother/Father Assistant Room Mother/Father Seeds Coordinator Seeds helper
Mission Coordinator Assistant Missions Coordinator Math Superstars Coordinator Math Superstars Assistant


Class Parties

Please rank in order (from 1 to 4 with 1 being your first choice) the events in which you would like to assist.

This would involve sending snacks, paper products, etc. You will be assigned one or possibly two parties to help arrange.
Christmas Party Valentine's Day Party Christmas Party

I can attend the party I sponsor

We are always delighted to celebrate with you and your child for his/her birthday.

You may bring cookies, cupcakes, etc. during our lunchtime to pass out to our class.

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